Remember When
Remember When:
Jack Dellinger fell through the ceiling of the coke room trying to find some stage props.
Mr. Grove didn't know what came n little round packages so he had to open one.
Chris, Val, Treva, Tubby, and Mildred went Christmas Caroling in front of the Tavern.
Treva, Donna, and Jack went into the tavern for a cube of sugar.
Sixth hour law class was quiet and the only one talking was Mr. Mays.
Jerry Benbow, Linda Wright, Jim Lennen and Linda Chandler were riding around and jerry was driving backward to cut down the mileage.
Darlend Spearman met an old friend at the State Building and didn't want to come back home.
Jerry B. and Jim L. chased a goose all over town and xaught it at w o'clock in the morning and were stopped by Fred.
Jerry B. was leading a procession of cars following Mr. Watson at 1 o'clock in the morning and he stopped them and ran them all home.
The night the bed fell in at Treva's flower making party.
Treva, Mildred and Donna went to Hagg's drug Store and got detained there.
We learned how to get to Oho.
We all had to stay all night in the gym at New Castle.
Larry R. John, Janet and Donna had a blanket fight in the woods.
Linda M. fell down the steps and bounced to the bottom.
Donna and Gary Hale saw a white horse and thought something was after them.
Jim L., Treva and Donna had an orange slush fight at the lakes.
The girls were smoking cigars.
Linda and Donna were captains of the boys' baseball teams.
Becky, Linda C., Mildred, Donna, Treva, and Linda M. took John Bullock's old car, Tosy, and went to Sulphur and Mt. Summit one afternoon.
Linda M. got choked on a jawbreaker and everyone thought she had a cold.
Linda Wright's party
Janet L. and Linda M. stayed all night with Treva and no one could sleep because Janet snored so loud.
Linda M. had the measles and told everybody that she was allergic to the soap she had used.
Helen, Gay, and Gloria couldn't get rid of the Anderson boys.
Mr. Cannon and Bob F. were friends.
Helen G., Helen P., Gay, and Gloria were trying to find the way to Markleille.
Vic E. passed another person going down the fire escape at Central.
Four of our class members went to Purdue for "Junior Day" and only stayed five minutes.
Larry R. fell down the steps at Treva's and went down into the basement in a clothes basket.
Larry T picked Helen and Gay up on 26 and they thought he had forgotten his pants.
Larry H. would get sent home every day because he was sick.
Linda M. and Linda C. got stuck in the house of mirrors.
Jerry B. and David M. gave Linda C. a present and Jerry got his nickname.
Dick R., Jerry B., and Vic almost got thrown in jail for being out after the curfew.
Bob F. lost $7.50 on the Markleville game.
Fred sat on a bon fire at a road party and put it out.
Dick J. took a midnight swim in the Edgewood pool.
Mr. Grove caught David M. and John hiding in Deybert's restroom.
David M., Larry R., and Glayne didn't skip school.
Kelly Fields and Larry Reedy gave Jack D. and ice cream bar that they had dound in the waste basket and he ate it.
Ted wore bow ties to school.