Class Will
MILDRED WILLIAMS wills her ability to go with one boy for 2-years to Diane French and Marshall's bucket seats to anyone who doesn't like to sit close.
DARLENE McCOY wills her job on the newspaper staff to anyone who can put up with the work and with Mr. Mays.
LINDA WRIGHT wills her seat in bookkeeping class to anyone who wants to keep books.
SAM SMITH Wills his dark hair to Mile Templeton and his grades to bookkeeping to Mr. Mays.
DARLENE SPEARMAN wills to everyone who wants to drop out of school the ambition to stay here and finish with a smile.
JERRY BENBOW wills his nickname "Coon" to anybody who wants to earn it the same way he did (Patty Emmons).
DONNA STANLEY wills her good times in the welding room to Becky Humes since she is big enough to take care of herself.
DUANE YOUNG wills his ability to spend money to his Uncle Fudd.
GLORIA PURDUE wills her pal, Helen Gadberry, to anyone who is insane enough to take her.
CHARLES BULLOCK wills his ability to get along with Mrs. Reedy to his brother, Marc, and his ability to stay out of trouble to Vickie Duke.
JOYCE RINKER wills her good behavior to Steve McClintock.
JIM LENNEN wills his firs chair in band to Bill Hutton and the water tower to the class of 64.
LINDA CHANDLER wills her "A's" in bookkeeping to Donnie Pate.
DICK JOHNSON wills his superb, high speed driving ability to Duane Young, and his punctuality to Mr. Minnick, and his way with the animals to Jeff Fadely.
HELEN GADBERRY wills her quietness and modesty to Sherrie Elder, and her position on the newspaper staff to anyone who likes confusion.
KELLY FIELDS wills his size 14 shoes to Jerry Pate, and his place on the basketball team to Becky Humes.
DIANA FOX wills her long hair to Earline Helsley and her good grades to her brother, Mike.
TREVA HOLLAND wills her year and a half going with Bob Fattic to Linda McConald but that's all.
CHRIS GOODWIN wills his good conduct in study hall to Jerry Carper and his Bible to Ronnie McClarnon.
GAY BOWERS wills her talent to draw to Darlene Moore and her seat in Shorthand to Marilyn Gift.
JACK DELLINGER wills his calm, cool, collected sportsmanship to Jerry Carper and his manly physique to Davis Zachery.
LINDA MERRITT wills her position as co-editor of the annual to anyone with time and patience enough to tale it and her blond hair to Becky Humes.
HELEN PERRY wills her position as a co-editor of the Cossack News to anyone crazy enough to take the job.
DICK RECTOR wills his ability to stay away from the pool room to Jeff Fadely, and his ability to shoot pool to Bill Early.
DAVID STEJPHENS wills his ability to get along with Mr. Main to Micky Shears and Mr. Grove to Art Hancock.
To Mary Kay Harris, CAROLYN CANADAY wills her ability to get engaged.
BILL GRENTZER wills his class ring and jacket to Rosalie Hodson, and his ability to drive carefully to Mrs. Bradford.
BECKY STUM wills her ability in art to Sandy Masterson and her ability to get along with Mrs. Baker to the Sophomore girls.
FRED CHAMBLESS wills his 1 hour lunch periods to anyone who doesn't get caught and his black Ford to anyone who can get it started.
DAVID MINNICK wills his ability to get kicked out of school for three days to Kenny Norfleet.
GLAYN GRADDY wills his good grades to Deanna Parrich.
BILL WEST wills his ability to get along with Mr. Main to anyone with a constructive mind.
LARRY REEDY wills his Henry J. to T. J. Furnish and his spit in Athletics to John Kirkpatrick. JOHN BULLOCK wills his seat in Chemistry to anyone who has the intestinal fortitude and will not be "chinchy" and can "cut the mustard."
DON HOLLIMAN wills his good driving habits to Mr. Green.
BRANK DeBRUHL wills his "blue bomb" to Mike Fox and his ability not to foul out of basketball games to Jerry Manis.
DICK LENZ wills his class jacket to Polly Sanders and his ability to get along with the teachers to anyone