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Editors — Linda M. and Ted C.; Business Managers — Bob F. & Jerry B.; Advertising — Dick R.
Typist — Joyce R.,   Helen P.,   Helen G.,   Gloria P.,   Darlene Mc.,   Treva H.,   Mildred W.,
Janet L.,   &  Donna S.                                                             Sponser — Georgiana D. Stoufer
The yearbook staff this year chose the theme "We Specialize In" as the idea we wish to put across to everyone who examines our yearbook. Throughout the following pages, we have endeavored to make plain to you , the reader, the different aspects of school life on which our high school places emphasis.

First of all, we show you our teaching staff. Middletown High School is proud of its faculty. As you read their degrees, you will discover that many years of training have gone into the lives of the men and women who meet us every day in their classrooms to teach and explain, to guide and advise their students through our years of high school study. We are offered a wide variety of courses from which we may select the ones we feel will best fit us for the plans we have in mind for the future. Whether a student is "college bound", "business -job bound", or expects to do "practical" things with his hands, there are courses offered to help him.

Middletown High School has always been a sports-minded school. We have devoted a section to making it clear that we "specialize" in basketball, and that we are always proud of our Cossacks.

Another field in which Middletown has always won prizes and compliments is in the realm of music. Our band, our chorus, and our choir compete favorably with those of schools much larger than we.

Middletown High School also specializes in fun, just as every school does. At sock hops after ball games, in the cafeteria at lunch time, and around the vending machines, this particular "specialization'" is very much in evidence.

The Yearbook Staff presents this book to the student body in the hope that its pages reflect these areas of our "specialization", and that in the years to come your will be reminded again and again of your happy, profitable years spent at MHS.

Darlene McCoy Jerry Benbow Bob Fattic Dick Rector Ted Cookman Mildred  Williams Donna Stanley Gloria Purdue Hellen Gadberry Hellen Perry Janet Lovet Lnda Merritt Treva Holland Joyce Rinker Mrs Stoufer